About Close Up Art

Miles DavisVisual artist Bo Woody Winter is searching for cross-overs since the early nineties, the days he combined his design and painting skills to decorate dance events and clubs.
In the forthcoming years Winter will focus on several special art projects touching all senses of visitors and participants.
He therefore initiated Close Up Art.

Bo Woody Winter is intrigued by major themes  that visualize today’s desirability  in music, sports and urban nodes where new developments start.

The subjects are elaborated in art projects that  travel around the world and are connected with people that are trendsetting in today’s global society.  In 2013 a start is made with the Jazz Legends and DJ Icons tours. In 2014 the Polo Passion project will be elaborated.

The Close Up Art team is constantly looking for opportunities to present art in a setting that fit the desire to experience more than just an art show. Touching all senses is the key idea behind the events.

Close Up Art is also the shop for Bo Woody Winter’s paintings, giclees and mixed media works of art.
You can order directly through the Galleries pages.